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By J. Wang, B. Du, Y. Wu, and Y. He

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A wideband diplexer for the extended C-band feed antenna system is proposed in this paper. The diplexer operates in the receiving band (Rx) 3.625-4.8 GHz and transmitting band (Tx) 5.85-7.025 GHz, which give 28% and 19% bandwidths at Rx and Tx bands, respectively. In order to cover such a broadband, a side coupling T-shaped junction and a corrugated low-pass filter scheme are adopted. The T-shaped junction and the filter are designed separately, and then combined for optimization. A prototype is fabricated and measured. Measured results show a good agreement with the calculated ones. The return loss is less than -21 dB, transmission loss less than 0.21 dB, Rx/Tx isolation better than 45 dB, and Tx/Rx isolation better than 70 dB.

J. Wang, B. Du, Y. Wu, and Y. He, "A Wideband Waveguide Diplexer for the Extend C-Band Antenna Systems," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 69, 73-82, 2016.

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