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By R. Wongsan and P. Kamphikul

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In this paper, a slot array with a new technique of metamaterial on Electromagnetic Band Gap (EBG) structure is used to demonstrate the possibility of building high gain top-mounted antenna for mobile base station. We describe the method for gain improvement by transferring the electromagnetic fields from a 1×4 slot array with a PEC reflector radiated through the cavity of curved woodpile EBG. The proposed technique not only has the advantages of reducing the total length of the slot array, but also provides higher gain and easier installation. In addition, to provide the azimuth patterns covering 360° around the base station, a triangular array configuration consisting of three panels of such an antenna array has also been presented, while the fabricated cavity of the curved woodpile EBG structure exhibits band gap characteristics at 2.1 GHz for realizing a resonant cavity of the slot array. This idea is verified by comparing between the results from Computer Simulation Technology (CST) software and the experimental results. Finally, it is found that the measured and simulated results are in a good qualitative agreement, and the antenna prototype yields directive gain of each panel around 17.1-17.2 dBi.

R. Wongsan and P. Kamphikul, "A Triangle Array of 1x4 Slots Antenna with Curved EBG Structures for Cellular Base Station," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 70, 155-164, 2016.

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