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By A. S. Al-Zayed, M. A. Al-Bagli, and V. A. Shameena

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A compact ultra-wideband planar monopole antenna with a notched band at WLAN frequencies is presented. The antenna is fed using a finite ground coplanar waveguide and has a structure consisting of stair-shaped radiator and ground plane. The notched band is implemented by cutting two symmetrical narrow slits from the ground plane. The antenna is fabricated on a substrate with a dielectric constant of 4.4 and has a compact size of 18×26×1.6 mm3. Experimental and simulation results of the fabricated antenna are found to be in good agreement. The antenna achieves an average gain of 3 dBi and efficiency of more than 80% over the operational band. Time domain analysis, which includes the group delay response and fidelity calculation, implies that minimal distortion is introduced by the proposed antenna which makes it suitable for portable pulsed UWB systems.

A. S. Al-Zayed, M. A. Al-Bagli, and V. A. Shameena, "Design and Analysis of a Band-Notched Staircase Ultra-Wideband Antenna," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 75, 121-130, 2017.

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