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By X. Li, D. W. Pang, H. L. Wang, Y. Zhang, and G. Lv

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To enhance the gain of conventional Vivaldi antenna (CVA), a novel dielectric sheets-covered Vivaldi antenna (DSCVA) is proposed. The dielectric sheets suck energy from the tapered slot region and flare termination region of the CVA, and thus act as surface wave antennas to improve end-fire performances. The CVA, DSCVA as well as the DSCVA with elongated tapered profile (SP-DSCVA) are designed, fabricated and measured. The simulation results are in good agreement with the experimental data. Measurement results show that the gain increase of the DSCVA is up to 5.1 dBi in the range of 3.5-16.5 GHz without increasing antenna length compared to the CVA. More gain enhancement is achieved for the SP-DSCVA. In addition, the half power beamwidths of the CVA as well as the sidelobe levels are improved in both E- and H-planes.

X. Li, D. W. Pang, H. L. Wang, Y. Zhang, and G. Lv, "Dielectric Sheets Covered Broadband Vivaldi Antenna for Gain Enhancement," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 77, 69-80, 2017.

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