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By A. Y. Svezhentsev, V. S. Miroshnichenko, and G. A. E. Vandenbosch

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А rigorous approach to study the fast H-waves which propagate across an infinite double comb array (IDCA) is proposed. It is based on the Floquet theorem combined with the advanced moment method (Galerkin) scheme in which the basis explicitly satisfies the edge conditions at the rectangular wedge. An exhaustive analysis of the regular and singular modes of the IDCA is made. Normalized critical wave numbers and modal fields are investigated in terms of geometrical parameters. Coupling effects between different IDCA modes are found. For the singular modes a new analytical formula for the critical normalized wave numbers is obtained.

A. Y. Svezhentsev, V. S. Miroshnichenko, and G. A. E. Vandenbosch, "Fast h -Waves in Double Comb Infinite Arrays," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 80, 119-129, 2018.

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