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By F. Kurniawan, J. T. Sri Sumantyo, K. Ito, S. Gao, G. F. Panggabean, and G. S. Prabowo

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This paper presents a novel Circularly Polarized (CP) microstrip array antenna with circular shape and slotted by an elliptical ring for X-band communication. This array antenna consists of 4 paths. Each patch is designed with a unique model, and the purposed antenna is mainly circular-shaped. An elliptical ring slot is set at the center of the circular-shaped patch. And a pair of triangle shapes employed as truncation factor is placed at the edge of the circular-shaped antenna. This microstrip array antenna is developed by 2 × 2 patches in a sequential rotation mode with relative phases 0˚, 90˚, 180˚ and 270˚. Total dimension of this array antenna is 60.92 mm × 60.92 mm. The simulated result shows a good agreement with minimum requirement. The center frequency of the antenna design is 8.2 GHz with low-frequency at 8 GHz and high frequency at 8.4 GHz. The proposed antenna produced under -10 dB S11 of 21.9%, maximum gain of 12.47 dBic at the center frequency, and axial ratio bandwidth obtained 12.2%. Simulated result has been validated by fabrication and measurement, then the structure of the antenna design is fabricated on NPC-H22A with a thickness of 1.6 mm and dielectric constant of 2.17. Complete investigation and experimentation are presented in the next sections.

F. Kurniawan, J. T. Sri Sumantyo, K. Ito, S. Gao, G. F. Panggabean, and G. S. Prabowo, "Circularly Polarized Array Antenna Using the Sequential Rotation Network Feeding for X-Band Communication," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 94, 203-217, 2019.

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