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By A. Swetha and K. Rama Naidu

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In this paper, a novel semi-circular ultra wide-band antenna inspired by a complementary split ring resonator for enhancement of bandwidth and a frequency selective surface reflector for gain enhancement is proposed for broadband applications. Initially, an ultra wide-band antenna employing a pair of L-shaped resonators and complementary split ring resonators is proposed which provides a wide impedance bandwidth of 130.3% from 3.16 to 15 GHz with -10 dB return loss. Finally, a frequency selective surface reflector is employed below the suggested ultra wide-band antenna to enhance the gain. The dimensions of the coplanar waveguide fed ultra wide-band antenna are 35 × 30 × 1.6 mm3 and those of the ultra wide-band antenna with a frequency selective surface reflector, which consists of 10 × 10 array of elements located at a distance of 17 mm below the proposed antenna, are 53.15 × 53.15 × 1.6 mm3. A parametric analysis of substrate dimensions of ultra wide-band antenna and the distance between ultra wide-band antenna and frequency selective surface reflector is performed. The average peak gain of the proposed antenna increases from 4.9 dB to 10.9 dB, which operates at 3.79 GHz, 4.44 GHz, 7.89 GHz, 9.01 GHZ, and 11.15 GHz proposed for broadband applications. With the help of ANSYS, the signal correlation of the proposed antenna is analysed by time domain analysis using similar antennas in face-to-face and side-to-side scenarios. The simulated results of the proposed model are in correlation with experimental ones of the prototype model.

A. Swetha and K. Rama Naidu, "Gain Enhancement of an UWB Antenna Based on a FSS Reflector for Broadband Applications," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 99, 193-208, 2020.

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