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By M.-X. Du, Y. Li, H. Wang, Z. Ouyang, and K.-X. Wei

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The paper presents a method of extracting noise source impedance of electrical equipment under working condition. Firstly, based on the theory of two-port network, the measurement method of noise impedance is analyzed theoretically, and the injection probe and receiving probe are calibrated by two known resistors. No special calibration fixture is needed to calibrate the injection probe and receiving probe. Secondly, the port structure of the noise impedance measurement method is analyzed, and the noise source impedance is calculated by using the theory of microwave transmission. Compared with the traditional method, this method does not require calibration fixture and simplifies the experimental process. Finally, passive devices and active systems are tested respectively, and the experimental results show that the method is effective and feasible.

M.-X. Du, Y. Li, H. Wang, Z. Ouyang, and K.-X. Wei, "An Online Measurement Method for Noise-Source Impedance of Electrical Equipment," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 100, 95-103, 2020.

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