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By T. A. Nisamol, P. Abdulla, and K. K. Ansha

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This work presents the modelling of a highly efficient all-metal slotted waveguide array antenna (SLWA) at sub-THz frequencies for the 5th generation communication applications or beyond. The slotted waveguide array antenna is modified for the accomplishment of high gain, wide bandwidth, and circularly polarized broadside radiation pattern. The proposed double `T'-shaped slot (DTS) which acts as an active element in the whole antenna radiation and other elements after DTS contribute high directivity and gain. The designed slotted waveguide array antenna with DTS is modified for the reconfiguration of linear polarization into circular polarization and achieves the axial ratio (AR) below 3 dB for the bandwidth of 22.323 GHz with a maximum gain of 14.4 dBi. The length and shape of the slot are altered in the SLWA in-order to set up the advanced rectangular stepdown slots (RSDS) and cross stepdown slots (CSDS) for the circularly polarized beam scanning application. The RSDS SLWA, and CSDS SLWA provide wide impedance bandwidths of 56.506 GHz and 61.236 GHz with 3 dB AR range of 12.417 GHz and 9.688 GHz, respectively. The design and simulation of the proposed antenna are done in CST microwave suite and validated using HFSS software.

T. A. Nisamol, P. Abdulla, and K. K. Ansha, "Design of Sub-THz Slotted Waveguide Array Antenna for the Broadside Circularly Polarized Applications Beyond 5G," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 102, 187-202, 2020.

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