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Sub-Domain Analysis of Asymmetrical Magnetic Field in Electrical Machines

By Sohrab Amini Velashani and Jawad Faiz
Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 104, 215-228, 2020


Beside magnetic equivalent circuit and finite element methods, sub-domain analysis (SDA) is an alternative method, which can be used to evaluate electrical machines behavior. It has a reasonable accuracy, and its parametric nature is allowed to apply to optimization or sensitivity analysis. Commonly this method is based on variables separation technique of Maxwell equations and Fourier series, eigenvalues and eigen-functions are so important for obtaining accurate results. In this paper, Maxwell equations are solved for two adjacent regions, i.e., copper (Cu) and permanent magnet (PM). It was paid less attention before, and it introduces supplementary eigenvalue and eigen function for asymmetry conditions in Cu or PM magnetic field regions.


Sohrab Amini Velashani and Jawad Faiz, "Sub-Domain Analysis of Asymmetrical Magnetic Field in Electrical Machines," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 104, 215-228, 2020.


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