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A Dual Bandpass Filter Design Using Strong Coupling, Evanescent Mode and Modular Concept

By Sek-Meng Sow, Peng Tan, and Jian Lu
Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 113, 83-96, 2021


This paper presents a new design concept of dual bandpass filter. Based on the strong coupling between two resonators, a dual 1-pole band-pass filter is designed and is used as the basic building block. By providing appropriate weak coupling between these building blocks, a higher-order dual bandpass filter can be realized. In addition, these building blocks can be stacked vertically and/or horizontally to construct a compact filter. In this way, by using 3D full wave EM and circuit co-simulation, the simulation time required in the design stage can be reduced. In addition, it also provides a way to post-tune each building block individually and further reduces the time required in prototype post tuning process. For demonstration, an L-band dual 4-pole bandpass filter is designed with passband frequencies of 1.23 GHz~1.255 GHz and 1.55 GHz~1.6 GHz. In order to reduce the size of the filter and obtain a wide stopband bandwidth, a suitable evanescent mode cavity is used to realize the resonant structure. The measurement result shows that the insertion losses of the low passband and high passband are 1.03 dB~2.00 dB and 1.02 dB~1.75 dB, respectively; the return loss of both passbands is better than 15 dB. Furthermore, up to 5 GHz (> 3fo, where fo is at 1.39 GHz), the stopband rejection level is better than 80 dB.


Sek-Meng Sow, Peng Tan, and Jian Lu, "A Dual Bandpass Filter Design Using Strong Coupling, Evanescent Mode and Modular Concept," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 113, 83-96, 2021.


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