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By X.-D. Huang, X.-H. Jin, and C.-H. Cheng

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Aiming at the bandwidth enhancement for patch antennas, a new impedance matching scheme is presented. In this design, open-ended microstrip-lines are used as the matching resonators; the gaps between the lines are used as the J inverters. Numerical and experimental studies are executed to demonstrate this new structure. The measured and predicted results are in good agreement. The measured data show that the bandwidth of a sample antenna is increased by a factor of 3.3 after adding two matching resonators. The proposed matching structure is good in performance, and smaller in size than traditional matching structures.

X.-D. Huang, X.-H. Jin, and C.-H. Cheng, "Novel Impedance Matching Scheme for Patch Antennas," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 14, 155-163, 2010.

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