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By Z. Wu, B.-Q. Zeng, and J. Zhu

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In this paper, single-crystalline silver filaments with periodic, pearl-chain-like structures are fabricated by electrodeposition without using any templates, surfactants, and additives. Simulations demonstrate that excited surface waves may sustain on silver pearl chains in middle infrared (Mid-IR) range. Based on the propagation features of surface waves on the silver filaments, this structure can be applied for electromagnetic wave transmittance in Mid-IR range. The propagation features of surface waves on the silver filaments indicate the structure application for Mid-IR wave transmittance.

Z. Wu, B.-Q. Zeng, and J. Zhu, "Propagation Along Single-Crystalline Silver Filaments with Pearl-Chain-Like Structures," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 17, 75-83, 2010.

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