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By J.-Y. Li and Y. Y. Kyi

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Folded wire load antennas with matching network are designed by using optimization algorithms. The loads are parallel capacitor/inductor/resistor circuits that are adjusted by means of Differential Evolution (DE) optimizers to maximize bandwidth and the matching networks. The measured voltage standing-wave ratio (VSWR) of the load folded dipoles confirms broadband performance and agrees with data obtained from moment method computations. Antennas having bandwidth ratio of 2.5 : 1, with measured VSWR less than 3.5, meets the requirement.

J.-Y. Li and Y. Y. Kyi, "Design of Folded Wire Loaded Antennas Using BI-Swarm Differential Evolution," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 24, 91-98, 2011.

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