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By T. Ma, H. Zhou, Y. Yang, and B. Liu

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In this paper, we propose a novel frequency selective surface (FSS) with stable performance under large incident angles. The FSS is composed of hexagon metallic lines and hexagon patches. Using such a hexagon arrangement, the periodicity size could be miniaturized and thus the FSS unit cell is compact. The composite FSS has an excellent stability under large incident angles. In the passband 10.58-11.06 GHz, the insertion loss is still less than -1 dB for both TE and TM polarizations, even under incident angle up to 85 degree. Both the design procedure and experimental results of the novel FSS are presented and discussed.

T. Ma, H. Zhou, Y. Yang, and B. Liu, "A FSS with Stable Performance Under Large Incident Angles," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 41, 159-166, 2013.

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