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By M. E. Lajevardi and M. Kamyab

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A low-cost wideband textile antenna based on the substrate integrated waveguide (SIW) technology is proposed, and a pure copper taffeta fabric etched on a woolen felt substrate is used to realize the presented antenna. The impedance matching frequency band for the designed structure is from 2.27 GHz to 3.61 GHz, which is significantly improved compared with previous studies. The operational principle of the proposedquasi-Yagi textile antenna is also described in this paper. The antenna is fabricated and measured, and a good agreement is achieved between the simulation and experimental results. The designed antenna has themaximum gain and efficiency of 4.2dB and 84%, respectively. According to its compactness, low-cost and low-weight specifications, the proposed antenna is a good candidate for being utilizedin wearable communication devices.

M. E. Lajevardi and M. Kamyab, "A Low-Cost Wideband Quasi-Yagi SIW-Based Textile Antenna," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 67, 53-59, 2017.

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