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By Y. M. Penkin, V. A. Katrich, M. V. Nesterenko, S. L. Berdnik, and N. K. Blinova

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A general resonant condition for rectangular waveguide junctions operating in the single mode regime of the main waveguide is formulated based on previously developed mathematical models. We will consider three types of junctions with various side arms: T-oriented semi-infinite waveguide with an impedance end wall, semi-infinite waveguide oriented in line with main waveguide, and infinite perpendicularly oriented waveguide. The main waveguide is coupling with the side arm through a narrow slot, and it has a dielectric inclusion in the coupling region. As a result of the analysis of the resonance characteristics for the indicated types of waveguide devices, the correctness of the application of the general resonance condition is substantiated. The possibility of neglecting the imaginary part of the permittivity of the inclusion material in calculations is confirmed by a satisfactory agreement between the numerical results and experimental data for an isolated inclusion.

Y. M. Penkin, V. A. Katrich, M. V. Nesterenko, S. L. Berdnik, and N. K. Blinova, "Analysis of Resonant Characteristics of E- and h -Plane Waveguide Junctions with Local Dielectric Inclusions," Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters, Vol. 91, 17-24, 2020.

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