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By E. A. Soliman and M. S. Ibrahim

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This paper presents a new frequency-sweep approach for the efficient calculation of S-parameters of planar microwave structures. The approach is based on approximating the frequency dependence of the real and imaginary parts of the S-parameters using neural networks. Due to its superior performance, radial basis functions neural network (RBF-NN) is adopted. A limited number of frequency samples are used to train the RBF-NN. Then, the trained RBF-NN is capable of providing a smooth frequency response with very high accuracy in a fraction of a second. The proposed method is applied to a number of planar microwave structures such as: Patch antenna with an inset feed, band-rejection filter, and branch-line coupler. According to the presented results, a speed factor of at least 10 is measured, and a maximum percentage error of 3.29% is recorded.

E. A. Soliman and M. S. Ibrahim, "Neural Frequency Sweeper for Accelerating S-Parameters Calculation of Planar Microwave Structures," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 1, 31-43, 2008.

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