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By M. Mondal and A. Chakraborty

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The characteristics of radiating longitudinal slots in a rectangular waveguide have been studied. A moment method solution is used with entire basis expansion and testing functions (Galerkin) including the effect of wall thickness. It is shown in this paper. 1) The determination of different parameters like VSWR, reflection coefficients and insertion loss are calculated with the results of normalize reactance and conductance. 2) The Taylor distribution approach with specific SLL for desired linear aperture array antenna. The resonant conductance or resistances are calculated from desired amplitude distribution. The formulation uses transmission matrix approach. The computed result shows excellent agreement with measured results. CST Microwave studio is used for the simulation and is totally based on FIT techniques.

M. Mondal and A. Chakraborty, "Parametric Study of Waveguide Slots and Analysis of Radiation Pattern for the Design of Waveguide Array Antenna," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 4, 93-103, 2008.

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