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Simulation and Realization of an Active Metamaterial Cell for GSM/UMTS

By Mohamed Al-Azab
Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 5, 55-65, 2008


Simulation and realization of an active metamateial cell are presented. This metamaterial cell has a power loss due to resistance in the coils. This paper presents a new nanometer negative resistance MOSFET (NR-MOSFET), which is used as a controllable negative resistance to compensate for the nanometer metamaterial losses. The negative resistance was about -320Ω. A form of a lumped circuit model with active and passive resonance is presented. A negative real part of the refractive index exists in a band width from 1.11 GHz to 1.22 GHz. This model can be used as a core cell for mobile communication smart antenna.


Mohamed Al-Azab, "Simulation and Realization of an Active Metamaterial Cell for GSM/UMTS," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 5, 55-65, 2008.


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