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By Z. Mao and G. Liao

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This work is concerned with generating the digital elevation models (DEMs) from the SAR images of the region of interest using multiple sensor arrays that are fixed on the distributed satellites. We present an exact estimate of the unwrapped phase and the relationship between the unwrapped phase and the terrain height. The optimum scheme that jointly processes the signals from all sensors is based on the model of the multibaseline joint block vector. The method can simultaneously coregister the SAR images, phase unwrapping and DEM generation in the presence of the large coregistration errors. The performance of our approach is verified by a series of simulation experiments based on the distributed sensor arrays.

Z. Mao and G. Liao, "Application of array processing techniques in multibaseline insar for high-resolution dem reconstruction," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 5, 67-80, 2008.

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