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By A. Kumar, A. D. Sarma, A. K. Mondal, and K. Yedukondalu

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Local Area Augmentation System (LAAS) based on multi-constellation GNSS can provide improved accuracy, availability and integrity needed to support all weather category II and III precision approach landing of aircraft. In order to receive satellite signals of GNSS, an antenna working over wide frequency band and high phase center stability is preferred. Commonly used antennas like crossed dipoles, patch etc. are inherently narrow band. This paper describes the design and development of half-cardioid shaped dual arm, wide band printed circuit antenna. The antenna has low VSWR of < 3:1, a stable phase center and good right hand circularly polarized radiation patterns covering full L-band frequencies. The simulated and measured results compare well. This compact antenna can also be used on ground, ship and airborne platforms to receive signals from multiple GNSS satellites above the horizon.

A. Kumar, A. D. Sarma, A. K. Mondal, and K. Yedukondalu, "A Wide Band Antenna for Multi-Constellation GNSS and Augmentation Systems," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 11, 65-77, 2010.

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