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Super-Lattice Structure Photonic Crystal Fiber

By Daru Chen, Ming-Leung Vincent Tse, and Hwa-Yaw Tam
Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 11, 53-64, 2010


We propose a kind of novel photonic crystal fibers (PCFs) based on a super-lattice structure. Uniform air holes are used to form the basic cell structure. Using the uniform air holes in the PCF has the advantage of minimizing the structural distortion during fabrication while forming a complex-structure cross section. We propose an effective-circular-hole PCF with similar properties of the conventional circular-hole PCF to address the concept of the super-lattice structure PCF. An effective-elliptical-hole PCF based on a super-lattice structure is proposed and investigated, which has the similar birefringent and confinement loss characteristics as the previously reported elliptical-hole PCF. Other PCFs based on super-lattice structures such as the effective-triangular-hole PCF and effective-rectangular-hole PCF can also be achieved by using the design method proposed in this paper.


Daru Chen, Ming-Leung Vincent Tse, and Hwa-Yaw Tam, "Super-Lattice Structure Photonic Crystal Fiber," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 11, 53-64, 2010.


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