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By X.-L. Chen, X.-F. Zhang, and J.-L. Wang

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The frequency difference between signal-under-test and reference signal in phase demodulation will affect the result of the actual phase noise measurement. In order to eliminate the effect, an algorithm for both eliminating the frequency difference and extracting the phase noise of the signal-under-test is presented. Simulation and experiment results show that this algorithm is effective. By using the algorithm in our experiment, the noise floor of the measurement system is improved by 10.1 dB and 9.3 dB, respectively, and the measurement precision is improved from 90.03% to 96.31%. In addition, the use of this algorithm can lower the requirement on the frequency precision of reference source and reduce the cost of measurement system.

X.-L. Chen, X.-F. Zhang, and J.-L. Wang, "A New Algorithm for Eliminating the Frequency Difference in Phase Noise Measurement of the Microwave Signal," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 23, 13-28, 2012.

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