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By F. Ahmad, S. N. Ali, A. A. Syed, and Q. A. Naqvi

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Characteristics of reflected power from a planar interface of chiral and/or chiral nihility media have been investigated theoretically. Focus of the study is tunneling and rejection of power associated with these interfaces. Effect of polarization of incidence field and parametric dependence on reflected power have been noted. It is found from numerical results that power tunneling and rejection have strong dependency on the polarization of incidence field, angle of incidence, and chirality parameter.

F. Ahmad, S. N. Ali, A. A. Syed, and Q. A. Naqvi, "Chiral and/or Chiral Nihility Interfaces: Parametric Dependence, Power Tunneling and Rejection," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 23, 167-180, 2012.

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