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By A. Raeesi, A. Abdolali, and H. Mirzaei

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Arrangements of bilayer anisotropic structures are inspected in this paper that manifest wonderful behaviors. One of these arrangements can pass TM & TE modes spontaneously in low frequencies and reflect them in higher frequencies and function as a low-pass filter. Another arrangement can reflect TE mode and pass TM mode in a particular frequency band and vice versa and function as a polarizer. All the analyses are based on the calculations of the hybrid matrix of layers by means of a recursive algorithm. Also the effect of the μ & ε tensors on the specifications of the filters is discussed.

A. Raeesi, A. Abdolali, and H. Mirzaei, "Application of Bilayer Anisotropic Structures for Designing Low-Pass Filters and Polarizers," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 29, 95-108, 2013.

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