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By M. Omar and M. J. Mughal

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In this paper, reflection and transmission coefficients at dielectric fractal-fractal interface are discussed. The ratio of permittivity of the two dielectric fractal media is kept constant, while the dimension is varied in order to get the desired results. Conventional results are recovered for the integer dimensions. The proposed expressions are useful to study the behavior of electromagnetic waves for non-integer dimensions, multiple fractal interfaces and waveguides. Moreover, it is also helpful to understand the variation in the magnitudes of reflection and transmission coefficients with the difference in dimensionality at interface of the two fractal media.

M. Omar and M. J. Mughal, "Behavior of Electromagnetic Waves at Dielectric Fractal-Fractal Interface in Fractional Spaces," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 28, 229-244, 2013.

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