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By L. Chen, Z.-Y. Lei, R. Yang, X.-W. Shi, and J. Zhang

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A straightforward approach is proposed to retrieve the effective electromagnetic parameters of a slab of bianisotropic material from the scattering parameters. We first obtain the values of the impedance and refractive index of a slab of metamaterial, followed by the deduction of the expressions for determining these electromagnetic parameters including permittivity, permeability and magnetoelectric coupling coefficient. Then, comparisons between the results coming respectively from retrieval technique and analytical method are made. Finally, we demonstrate the properties of split-ring resonator materials in other two orientations with respect to the incident plane wave and apply the proposed method to anisotropic materials to reveal its generality.

L. Chen, Z.-Y. Lei, R. Yang, X.-W. Shi, and J. Zhang, "Determining the Effective Electromagnetic Parameters of Bianisotropic Metamaterials with Periodic Structures," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 29, 79-93, 2013.

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