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Design of Metaparticles as Sharp Frequency-Selective Obscurant Aerosols

By Sharhabeel Alyones, Al. V. Jelinek, Michael Granado, and Charles W. Bruce
Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 30, 141-152, 2013


In this article, artificial aerosol metaparticles are investigated. These particles are based on interacting single split rectangular resonators (SRRs) imprinted on a one-sided thin dielectric substrate. These particles produce sharper transmission bandstops with adjustable bandwidths compared to conventional artificial aerosol obscurants like fibers, spheres, discs. The particle design is performed in the microwave region with the intention to be scalable to the infrared. Particles with couplings between two, three, and four SRRs are introduced. Numerical simulations and experimental measurements of the transmission parameter of the particles are introduced and compared with fibrous aerosols. These particles may be used as good electromagnetic obscurants in the atmosphere.


Sharhabeel Alyones, Al. V. Jelinek, Michael Granado, and Charles W. Bruce, "Design of Metaparticles as Sharp Frequency-Selective Obscurant Aerosols," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 30, 141-152, 2013.


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