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Surface-Plasmon-Polaritons at the Interface of Nanostructured Metamaterials

By Tatjana Gric
Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 46, 165-172, 2016


The rigorous modeling and analysis of surface waves at the boundary of two metamaterials are presented. The nature of the phenomenon of the surface-plasmon-polaritons and the influence of various parameters on it are investigated. We have analyzed the properties of structures incorporating nanostructured metamaterials. Surface-plasmon-polaritons at the interface of such metamaterials are studied. We demonstrate the ways to control the properties of the surface waves. Each metamaterial comprises alternating metal and dielectric layers. We analyze the dependence of the dispersion characteristics on the materials employed in metal-dielectric compound. The consistency of the dispersion diagrams and effective permittivity is studied. The Drude model is introduced in the metal dispersion in order to take into account the effects of the structure on dielectric properties.


Tatjana Gric, "Surface-Plasmon-Polaritons at the Interface of Nanostructured Metamaterials," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 46, 165-172, 2016.


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