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By S. Esfandiarpour and A. Frtoanpour

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Multipactor effect is studied in a hollow elliptical waveguide carrying two orthogonal polarization modes, i.e., the fundamental (TEc11) and the second (TEs11) elliptical waveguide modes. The introduction of a modal equivalent voltage allows defining the standard axial ratio, which characterizes each polarization state of the problem. The RF breakdown threshold is determined as a function of the axial ratio for various amplitudes and phases of the two elliptical modes. In particular, the effect of the second mode on the RF breakdown threshold of the fundamental mode is studied. The simulations are carried out for different values of the eccentricity of the ellipse eccentricity.

S. Esfandiarpour and A. Frtoanpour, "Multipactor Breakdown in Elliptical Waveguide Carrying Orthogonal Polarizations," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 51, 113-120, 2016.

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