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By S. V. Eliseeva, Y. F. Nasedkina, and D. I. Sementsov

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The effect of a substantial increase of the Faraday rotation angle has been investigated in a symmetrical resonator structure, which is represented by a one-dimensional photonic crystal with dielectric Bragg mirrors and a magnetically active layer placed between mirrors. In the numerical analysis, the parameters of a pure yttrium iron garnet at two wavelengths - 1.15 μm and 1.3 μm have been used. The increase in the Faraday rotation angle is caused by not only an increase of the magnetic layer thickness, but also a symmetrical increase in the number of Bragg mirrors periods.

S. V. Eliseeva, Y. F. Nasedkina, and D. I. Sementsov, "Giant Faraday Rotation in One-Dimensional Photonic Crystal with Magnetic Defect," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 51, 131-138, 2016.

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