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Modeling of a Ku-Band Rectangular Ferrite-Loaded Waveguide Based on Left-Handed Metamaterial

By Junfeng Yao, Fan Yang, Chunli Li, Degang Gan, Bing Gao, and Ammad Jadoon
Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 51, 71-81, 2016


This paper presents the modeling and simulation of a new rectangular ferrite-loaded waveguide based on left-handed metamaterial (LHM) unit cells at Ku-band. The structure has an 8×8 unit cell configuration, whose negative permittivity and negative permeability are achieved by metallic wires array and ferrite medium, respectively. The equivalent circuit model and transmission parameter matrix for the unit cell are presented based on microwave two-port network theory. The operating frequency is in the TE10 single mode range at 12.97-15.90 GHz where magnetic and electric resonances are coupled simultaneously. The finite-element method (FEM) based simulation software HFSS has been used to set original model and optimized model with vacuum layers for decoupling. Analysis of 3D electromagnetic waves propagation and scattering parameters demonstrate the backward wave property of the optimized waveguide. Negative propagation constant and negative index of refraction are calculated based ona method for extracting effective parameters of LHM. The proposed structure has scalability, double negative, and broad-band operation characteristics in the electromagnetic paradigm.


Junfeng Yao, Fan Yang, Chunli Li, Degang Gan, Bing Gao, and Ammad Jadoon, "Modeling of a Ku-Band Rectangular Ferrite-Loaded Waveguide Based on Left-Handed Metamaterial," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 51, 71-81, 2016.


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