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Calculation of Passive Magnetic Force in a Radial Magnetic Bearing Using General Division Approach

By Tapan Santra, Debabrata Roy, and Amalendu Bikash Choudhury
Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 54, 91-102, 2017


This paper represents the force calculation in a radial passive magnetic bearing using Monte Carlo technique with general division approach (s-MC). The expression of magnetic force is obtained using magnetic surface charge density method which incurs a multidimensional integration with complicated integrand. This integration is solved using Monte Carlo technique with 1-division (1-MC) and 2-division (2-MC) approaches with a MATLAB programming. Analysis using established methods such as finite element method (FEM), semi-analytical method, and adaptive Monte Carlo (AMC) method has been carried out to support the proposed technique. Laboratory experiment has been conducted to validate the proposed method. 2-MC gives better result than 1-MC. The computation time of the proposed method is compared with the quadrature method, FEM and AMC. It is observed that the proposed method invites less computational burden than those methods as the algorithm adaptively traverses the domain for promising parts of the domain only, and all the elementary regions are not considered with equal importance.


Tapan Santra, Debabrata Roy, and Amalendu Bikash Choudhury, "Calculation of Passive Magnetic Force in a Radial Magnetic Bearing Using General Division Approach," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 54, 91-102, 2017.


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