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Design of a Magneto-Electric Dipole Antenna for FM Radio Broadcasting Base Station Antenna Implementation

By Thunyawat Limpiti, Ajalawit Chantaveerod, and Wijittra Petchakit
Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 60, 75-84, 2017


This work presents the design of a magneto-electric dipole (MED) antenna for the base station antenna of FM radio broadcasting implementation. The advantages of MED antenna are high gain, stable and symmetrical radiation patterns in both electric and magnetic planes, and low back lobe radiation pattern. The antenna was designed and studied to achieve the optimal dimensions of configuration parameters. The prototype antenna was fabricated and measured to validate its S11, radiation patterns, and gain. The impedance bandwidth was 33.49%, and the average gain was 7.78 dBi at the entire operating frequency (88-108 MHz). The measured results are in good agreement with the simulated ones.


Thunyawat Limpiti, Ajalawit Chantaveerod, and Wijittra Petchakit, "Design of a Magneto-Electric Dipole Antenna for FM Radio Broadcasting Base Station Antenna Implementation," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 60, 75-84, 2017.


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