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By Z. Chamani and S. Jahanbakht

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A novel artificial magnetic conductor (AMC) structure for realizing gain enhancement of a double-T monopole antenna for 2.4/5.6 GHz dual-band WLAN operation is presented. First, an initial AMC unit cell is proposed, and a 2x5 array of this unit cell is placed behind a double-T monopole antenna as a ground plane, then the AMC structure is modified and improved to achieve better performance. Briefly, more than 4 dB gain improvement and other desirable characteristics including suitable radiation patterns and adequate bandwidths are reported from the simulation results of the final designed structure, and the simulation is performed by CST MWS 2014 in any of the mentioned frequencies. Finally, the validity and applicability of this design are demonstrated through experimental results of the fabricated antenna.

Z. Chamani and S. Jahanbakht, "Improved Performance of Double-T Monopole Antenna for 2.4/5.6 GHz Dual-Band WLAN Operation Using Artificial Magnetic Conductors," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 61, 205-213, 2017.

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