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Random Radiation Source Optimization Method for Microwave Staring Correlated Imaging Based on Temporal-Spatial Relative Distribution Entropy

By Qingquan Meng, Tingting Qian, Bo Yuan, and Dongjin Wang
Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 63, 195-206, 2018


Microwave Staring Correlated Imaging (MSCI) is a high-resolution radar imaging modality, whose resolution is mainly determined by the randomness of radiation source. To optimize the design of random radiation source, a novel concept of temporal-spatial relative distribution entropy (TSRDE) is proposed to describe the temporal-spatial stochastic characteristics of radiation source. The TSRDE can be utilized as the optimization criterion to design the array con guration and signal parameters by means of optimization algorithms. In this paper the genetic algorithm is applied to search for the best design. Numerical simulations are performed and the results show that the TSRDE is an effective method to characterize the randomness of radiation source, and the source parameters optimized by this method can dramatically improve the imaging resolution.


Qingquan Meng, Tingting Qian, Bo Yuan, and Dongjin Wang, "Random Radiation Source Optimization Method for Microwave Staring Correlated Imaging Based on Temporal-Spatial Relative Distribution Entropy," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 63, 195-206, 2018.


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