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By S. Sukhija, R. K. Sarin, and N. Kashyap

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A miniaturized serpentine patch antenna is presented for Industrial, Scientific and Medical band (2.4-2.48GHz) applications. The proposed antenna is fabricated on a Rogers RT/duroid5880 substrate having permittivity of 2.2 and loss tangent of 0.0009. In comparison with other traditional structures, this antenna has an electrical length of 0.961λ with 29.2% impedance bandwidth which is advantageous for higher data rate transmission. In order to test the performance, the proposed antenna is tested in a silicone feeding tube. The simulated and measured results show good agreement with each other. Defected ground structure is also incorporated to enhance the performance of the proposed structure. All the simulations have been carried out on FDTD based Empire XCcel tool.

S. Sukhija, R. K. Sarin, and N. Kashyap, "Design of Compact Wideband Serpentine Patch Antenna for Ingestible Endoscopic Applications," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 66, 53-63, 2018.

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