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By S. Yan, Y. Zhang, X. Jin, W. Zhang, and W. Shi

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In this paper, a novel multi-physics parametric modeling approach using artificial neural networks (ANNs) for microwave passive components is proposed. In the proposed approach, the ANN is used to learn the nonlinear relationships between electromagnetic (EM) behaviors and multi-physics design variables. The trained model can accurately represent the EM responses of the passive components with respect to the multi-physics input parameters. Therefore, the proposed model can provide accurate and fast prediction of EM responses using low computational cost and little time for multi-physics design. The advantage of the proposed model is demonstrated by two microwave examples: the proposed model can save about 98% computational cost compared with the EM model, and the CPU time of the proposed model is less than 0.1 s while that of the EM model needs many minutes.

S. Yan, Y. Zhang, X. Jin, W. Zhang, and W. Shi, "Multi-Physics Parametric Modeling of Microwave Passive Components Using Artificial Neural Networks," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 72, 79-88, 2018.

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