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By L. Ait Benali, J. Terhzaz, A. Tribak, and A. Mediavilla Sanchez

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In this paper, a new measurement method is proposed to estimate the complex permittivity for each layer in a multi-layer dielectric material using a Ku-band rectangular waveguide WR62. The Sij-parameters at the reference planes in the rectangular waveguide loaded by a multi-layer material sample are measured as a function of frequency using the E8634A Network Analyzer. Also, by applying the two dimensional finite difference in time domain (2D-FDTD), the expressions for these parameters as a function of complex permittivity of each layer are calculated. The Nelder-Mead algorithm is then used to estimate the complex permittivity of each layer by matching the measured and calculated Sij-parameters. This method has been validated by estimating, at the Ku-band, the complex permittivity of each layer of three bi-layer and one tri-layer dielectric materials. A comparison of estimated values of the complex permittivity obtained from multi-layer measurements and mono-layer measurements is presented.

L. Ait Benali, J. Terhzaz, A. Tribak, and A. Mediavilla Sanchez, "2D-FDTD Method to Estimate the Complex Permittivity of a Multilayer Dielectric Materials at Ku-Band Frequencies," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 91, 155-164, 2020.

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