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By Z. Tang, C. Ma, B. Zhang, and J. Huangfu

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Nowadays compact terminal is one of the general requirements of modern wireless communication systems. The size of antenna limits further reduction of the structure size. To reduce size, a compact planar antenna based on Printed Circuit Board (PCB) is presented in this paper. This antenna has a new small-scale radiation coupling structure with a small hole and a matching element. This structure makes the ground structure of the circuit become an effective radiator through resonant coupling. This compact design avoids an independent big size radiator and the coupling structure over one quarter wavelength. Meanwhile, it can make the circuit have a good antenna matching effect at specific frequency by adjusting the lumped capacitance. Through the simulation and experiment, the design of antenna in 2.4 GHz ISM band is verified. The measurement results show that the antenna has 1.82 dBi gain and 151˚ beamwidth. It can be used in the compact wireless communication devices with advantages of low profile, adjustable frequency, and compact size.

Z. Tang, C. Ma, B. Zhang, and J. Huangfu, "A PCB Planar Ground Radiation Antenna with Small Resonant Hole," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 92, 203-211, 2020.

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