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Novel Computational Technique for Time-Dependent Heat Transfer Analysis Using Fast Inverse Laplace Transform

By Seiya Kishimoto, Shohei Nishino, and Shinichiro Ohnuki
Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 99, 45-55, 2021


A novel computational technique is proposed for heat conduction analysis. The heat transfer equation is expanded in the complex frequency domain and solved using the finitedifference method (FDM). The results in the complex frequency domain are transformed into the time domain via fast inverse Laplace transform. In the proposed approach, the instantaneous temperature at a specific time can be easily obtained. Moreover, the computational time for the conventional explicit FDM is reduced by employing the time-division parallel computing method.


Seiya Kishimoto, Shohei Nishino, and Shinichiro Ohnuki, "Novel Computational Technique for Time-Dependent Heat Transfer Analysis Using Fast Inverse Laplace Transform," Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, Vol. 99, 45-55, 2021.


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