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Study on an UWB Planar Tapered Slot Antenna with Gratings

By Hai-Yang Xu, Hou Zhang, and Jian Wang
Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 1, 87-93, 2008


A new miniature ultra-wideband exponential tapered slot antenna with gratings, which is fed by a 180 degree microstrip phase shifter network, has been introduced in this paper. The switch characteristic and the reflecting loss of the phase shifter is also analyzed. Some subminiature rectangular gratings are etched at the front and back end, as a result of which, the inner band characteristic is improved and the frequency band of the antenna is extended to more than 3 : 1 (S11 < −10 dB). The radiation pattern has good direction property in the entire bandwidth and favorable symmetrical endfire radiation characteristic as well as more than 10 dB gain in the central frequency band.


Hai-Yang Xu, Hou Zhang, and Jian Wang, "Study on an UWB Planar Tapered Slot Antenna with Gratings," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 1, 87-93, 2008.


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