Progress In Electromagnetics Research C
ISSN: 1937-8718
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By R. A. Ross

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Forward scattering from a finite, right-circular cylinder is analyzed as a function of size. Both axial and broadside incidence are treated. Predictions based upon combinations of Physical Optics, Wu's series, and empirical formulas are compared with numerical results from the moment method. The analysis examines cylinders that vary between 1 to 20 wavelengths in radius and 0 to 20 wavelengths in length. Approximate formulas accurately model the RCS of cylinders as small as one wavelength in radius. Accuracy of predictions improves with increase in cylinder size.

R. A. Ross, "Forward Scattering from a Finite, Circular Cylinder," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 2, 207-215, 2008.

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