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By V. P. Kalogirou, T.-H. N. Velivasaki, and C. N. Capsalis

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With the advent of DVB-T in most European countries, the European Union has decided to end all analogue television broadcasts in its member countries until 2012. This analogue switch-off, as well as the increased spectral efficiency of the DVB-T protocol will create a surplus of spectrum in the UHF band, part of which is to be used by mobile communications systems. In order for this "digital dividend" to be shared efficiently, the coexistence and interference parameters between DVB-T and other services (designated as IMT-Advanced by the International Telecommunications Union) have to be studied. In this paper a generic 5 MHz interfering signal is broadcasted in close proximity to a stationary DVB-T receiver. Various DVB-T parameters are then measured and analyzed for different frequency values and power levels of the interfering signal.

V. P. Kalogirou, T.-H. N. Velivasaki, and C. N. Capsalis, "Performance Measurements of a Dvb-T System Affected by 5-MHz Generic Adjacent Channel Interference," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 17, 1-15, 2010.

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