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By F. Benmeddour, C. Dumond, F. Benabdelaziz, and F. Bouttout

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The moment method technique has been improved to investigate the scattering properties of high Tc Superconducting circular antennas with anisotropic substrate in multi-layered configuration. In this method, the electric field integral equation for a current element on a grounded dielectric slab of infinite extent was developed by basis functions involving Chebyshev polynomials. An improved analytical model is presented taking into account anisotropic substrate, superconducting material for the circular patch and multilayered structure. To validate the theoretical results, an experimental study has been performed for a perfectly conducting circular patch on a single layer, with and without air gap. Good agreements were obtained between our theory and measurements. Effects of temperature and thickness of a superconducting film are also reported and discussed. The performances of high Tc superconducting circular antennas were improved by the use of uniaxial anisotropy substrate and multilayer configuration.

F. Benmeddour, C. Dumond, F. Benabdelaziz, and F. Bouttout, "Improving the Performances of a High Tc Superconducting Circular Microstrip Antenna with Multilayered Configuration and Aniso Tropic Dielectrics," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 18, 169-183, 2011.

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