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By S. Suarez, G. Leon Fernandez, M. Arrebola, L. F. Herran Ontanon, and F. Las Heras Andres

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In this paper, a deterministic strategy to generate the aperiodicity, based on three geometric taper distributions is studied and validated. The method is applied to study arrays with average inter-elements spacing larger than a wavelength, exhibiting a reduction of the grating lobe level and requiring lower aperture size against a periodic structure with same directivity. Finally, a microstrip patch aperiodic array has been designed, manufactured and measured for an experimental validation of the concept, obtaining good agreement between simulated and measured radiation patterns. This manufactured antenna demonstrates experimentally the reduction of the grating lobes with a similar level to the side lobe.

S. Suarez, G. Leon Fernandez, M. Arrebola, L. F. Herran Ontanon, and F. Las Heras Andres, "Experimental Validation of Linear Aperiodic Array for Grating Lobe Suppression," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 26, 193-203, 2012.

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