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By D. K. Singh, D. C. Pande, and A. Bhattacharya

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Equivalent charge method is used to design ultra wide band asymptotic conical dipole (ACD) antenna. Combination of linear charge density and point charges is used to generate different profiles for ACD antennas. Two different profiles of ACD antenna are used as a feed for reflector based impulse-radiating antennas (IRAs). This paper focuses on the selection of ideal ACD profile as well as the requisite charge distribution for ACD antenna as a feed to design 100 Ω input impedance reflector IRA. An ideal Configuration of ACD feeding structure for reflector IRA is chosen based on FDTD analysis results. To validate the utility of the proposed new feed an ACD-fed half IRA is realized with input impedance of nearly 50 Ω. Measurements are carried out using single-ended instrumentation without any impedance adaptor as commonly done with Conventional IRAs.

D. K. Singh, D. C. Pande, and A. Bhattacharya, "Selection of Ideal Feed Profile for Asymptotic Conical Dipole Fed Impulse Radiating Antenna," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 35, 95-109, 2013.

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