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By A. J. Kunju Kunju, M. Abraham, and T. Mathew

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An SRR loaded compact RFID tag for broadband operation over the UHF RFID band is presented. The antenna structure is composed of a dipole whose arms are symmetrically loaded with square split ring resonators (SRRs) with a short circuited strip between the SRRs. The SRR sections made the antenna inductive and reduced the overall size. The measured read range characteristics of the proposed RFID tag are presented. The proposed tag operates in the entire UHF RFID bands with a maximum read range of 7 meters in the entire elevation angular ranges and over wide azimuthal angular ranges.

A. J. Kunju Kunju, M. Abraham, and T. Mathew, "SRR Loaded Compact UHF RFID Tag for Broadband Operation," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 70, 175-182, 2016.

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