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By B. Hua, X. Liu, X. He, and Y. Yang

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An ultra-wideband frequency selective surface (FSS) for wide incident angles is proposed. Its -3dB bandwidth is from 3.49GHz to 12.13GHz, and the fractional bandwidth exceeds 110%. Some parasitic patches are appended to reduce the deviation of resonant frequency under wide-angle incidence. The proposed FSS exhibits an improved stability when the incident angles are in the range from 0° to 60°. The relative simulated and measured results are provided to validate its effectiveness.

B. Hua, X. Liu, X. He, and Y. Yang, "Wide-Angle Frequency Selective Surface with Ultra-Wideband Response for Aircraft Stealth Designs," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 77, 167-173, 2017.

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